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For over 25 years, Tampico customers have been served irresistible products chock-full of smiles

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Irresistible blends
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When you pour Tampico, its distinctive color extends beyond the glass; it colors your world. A world where you can see the potential for adventure even in the most mundane places.

With just a sip, you are transported to a frutopia filled to the brim with a mesmerizing medley of fruit flavors that leave your taste buds tickled and laughing for more. You wonder at how these unique flavors come together in one power-packed punch. Tampico’s irresistible taste refreshes your zest for life and challenges you to live boldly.  To the last drop, you savor the flavor, color, and joy Tampico adds to your life. With Tampico, every moment starts with a sip and ends with a smile.

We at Tampico are constantly striving to create moments of joy for our consumers through our products. With a dedicated and inquisitive team behind everything we do, we are always improving. From our first flavor in 1989 to 13 flavors today, we are imagining more irresistible flavor blends for every taste occasion. From first launching in the United States to now having a presence in more than 50 countries, we are imagining a more colorful world for everyone bold enough to explore it. From juice drinks to expanding into new categories like gelatin, freezer pops, and ice cream, we are imagining more joy-filled moments spent with family and friends.

We can only imagine what the future holds, but we know it will be irresistible.

Tampico’s Extraordinary History

Dedicated to Serving smiles in every Irresistible blend for the last 25 years

  1. Say Aloha to Big Island

    Say aloha to the biggest fruity red flavor yet! This smooth fruit punch combines the tastes of the tropics with the fruit flavors of cherry, pineapple, orange, apple, raspberry and blackberry.

  2. Hard Punch Introduced

    Introducing Tampico Hard Punch! Serving a fiesta of flavor with 8% ABV. Available in two bold flavors, Citrus and Island

  3. Now Serving Smiles

    Tampico is Now Serving Smiles! We could all use a little positivity, and that positivity comes from sharing moments and Tampico with family and friends. There’s joy in every sip! How do you smile?

    Now serving smiles
  4. Tampico Bottling Company

    Tampico Bottling Company (TBOT) established in 2021. Tampico purchases bottling facility in Texas to enhance production and packaging capabilities

    Tampico Bottling Company
  5. Tampico Paired Up Introduced

    Tampico Paired Up has all the good stuff and no nonsense. In every glass, you’ll find a combined serving of fruits and veggies plus vitamins A, C & E. On top of all that, Paired Up has no added sugar or artificial preservatives, colors, flavors or sweeteners. With three delicious fruit-veggie combinations, Tampico Paired Up is a good decision made easy.

    Tampico Paired Up Product Line
  6. Tampico Zero Launches

    Tampico Zero is the fruit punch you know and love, but now with zero sugar! Fortified with vitamins A, C & E and low in calories, Tampico Zero has the perfect balance of enjoyment and health. Later sugar, hello irresistible!

    Tampico Zero Product Line
  7. Tampico Iced Tea Launches

    Tampico Iced tea is the perfect combination of real tea extract and scrumptious flavors. The result is a delicious, refreshing beverage with a light, crisp taste your whole family will enjoy. Available in a number of irresistible flavors.

    Tampico Iced Tea Product Line
  8. Introducing Flavors of Fun

    Tampico invited consumers to discover flavors of fun with our brand-new look on packaging, social media, and out in the world.

    Tampico's brand new look
  9. Color Your World

    On May 5th, 2016 Tampico Beverages kicks off Color Your World, an interactive campaign created to inspire Tampico lovers everywhere. We invite you to think outside the box. But you don’t have to do it alone. Fuel your fun with Tampico and explore what it truly means to Color Your World.

    Tampico's Flavor World
  10. #choosecolor

    The Tampico brand DNA is rooted in bright, vibrant color. The natural extension of this is to encourage you to live in a colorful, Tampico lifestyle. Living colorfully is acting on impulse, giving in to those irresistible moments and living life to its fullest, most colorful potential.

    choose color campaign hashtag
  11. A New Digital World

    A new, mobile-friendly, website is launched to help users stay up to date with the latest events, new flavors or products and learn about promotional giveaways

    Mobile first website introduced
  12. New Flavors Alert

    Tampico continues flavor expansion and alternate size offerings

    pineapple coconut product logo
  13. New Bottle, Same Taste

    Tampico and Pepsi Bottling Company introduce 20oz “On the Go” serving size

    Tampico is 20oz Pepsi bottle
  14. Houchens Industries Buys Tampico

    AEA, LLC, sells Tampico to Houchens Industries

  15. Fresh New Look

    Tampico redesigns it brand, introduces its current packaging

    citrus product logo
  16. Making It Official

    Tampico Beverages, Inc. becomes official name

    Tampico Logo
  17. International Reach Continues to Grow

    Servicios Alimenticios Tampico, SA formed giving Tampico its own internal sales staff in Mexico and Nidala da Amazonia, Ltda formed giving Tampico its own internal sales staff and manufacturing facility in Brazil

  18. U.S. Sales team Created

    Tampico USA Sales formed, giving the company its own internal sales staff

  19. New Year, New Owners

    Boden family sells Tampico to New York City-based AEA, LLC.

  20. New Flavors Alert

    Tampico expands flavor portfolio and achieves market leader position

    mango, island, and tropical punches
  21. Alone On Top

    Tampico Citrus Punch achieves market leader position

    oranges, tangeries, and lemons
  22. New Look, Same Great Taste

    Tampico undergoes the second brand redesign

    citrus punch logo from 1995
  23. A Fresh New Look

    Tampico undergoes first brand redesign

    Brand logo in 1993
  24. Finding Our Home

    Tampico moves its operations to its present location.

    Tampico HQ
  25. Tampico Branches Out

    First concentrate sale is made to Houston Dairy in Houston, Texas. Additionally, the first international concentrate sale is made to Pasteurizadora Jersey in Tijuana, Mexico

  26. How it All Started

    The Boden family founds Marbo, Inc in Chicago, IL. Introduces its first punch, Citrus

    Original tampico gallon citrus juice
Tampico team

Blending BackgroundS And Success at Tampico

Tampico is committed to being a diverse and innovative team focused on creating and delivering high-quality delicious products for customers around the world. Led by integrity and respect, we will grow the brand by exceeding consumer expectations and building mutually successful partnerships in a changing global environment.

Are you interested in joining the best and the brightest team in the beverage industry? View career opportunities and take the first step toward entering the irresistible world of Tampico!

Providing Smiles Where Needed

The Tampico Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established in 2012 for the purpose of supporting families and children in need in the communities in which we work and live. The foundation provides charitable contributions to eligible organizations and individuals that are committed to supporting programs in under-served communities in the U.S. and around the globe.